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Soup of the Day / Serve with homemade artisan bread & butter £6.50

The Parfait / Chicken liver and the splash of brandy pate, toasted bread, caramelised onion and a wee salad / £7.50

Haggis Bon Bon/ Panko haggis balls with mustard sauce and rocked leaves / £7.50

Salmon Ravioli/ Pasta sheets filled with scrumptious salmon bites & Parma Rosa sauce / £8.95

Fisherman’s basket / Panko calamari and king prawns, fish and scampi bites, Crido’s aioli dip / £9.95

Starters Vegetarian

Bruschetta (V) / Tomato, onion, garlic and fresh basil, garlic bread on a bed of rocket leaves/ £7.50

Mediterranean Olives (V) / Mixed olives marinated ith fresh herbs, toasted sourdough bread & vinaigrette dip / £6.50

Mediterranean Hummus (V) / Homemade chickpea mash with spices and served with warm pitta bread / £7.50

Warm Wedge of Brie (V) / Served with dressed salad leaves and cranberry sauce / £7.95


Lamb Shank / Very slowly cooked leg of lamb, seasonal mix of vegetables & creamy mashed potatoes / £23.95

The Ribs / Tender pork ribs slathered in barbecue sauce, chips and salad / £19.95

Beef Stroganoff / Juicy beef filet thins sauteed with onion and mushrooms, sour cream and fluffy rice / £20.95

Chicken Your Way / Succulent chicken breast cooked in your choice of sauce, mashed potatoes, vegetables, peppercorn, mushrooms or Mexican salsa sauce / £17.50

8oz Sirloin Steak / Perfectly cooked to your specifications, chips, grilled tomato and mushrooms, onion rings, Diana or peppercorn sauce / £28.50


Plain 6oz Beef / Served with chips, coleslaw and a wee salad / £14.95

Plain Chicken Breast / Served with chips, coleslaw and a wee salad / £14.95

Deluxe 6oz Beef Burger / Cheddar cheese, bacon, haggis, chips, coleslaw and a wee salad / £16.95

Deluxe Chicken Burger/ Cheddar cheese, bacon, haggis, chips, coleslaw and a wee salad / £16.95

From the Sea

Crido’s sea bass / Golden Sea Bass fillet, mussels and prawn oink sauce & rice / £21.95

Traditional Fish& Chips / Locally sourced panko Haddock, chips, lemon wedge and tartar sauce / £15.50

The Scampi / Wholetail breaded scampi, chips, lemon wedge and tartar sauce / £15.95

Chilli Mussels / Neapolitan style mussels cooked in the delicious tomato and chilli sauce, with garlic and parsley, chips & garlic bread / £18.95

Pasta & Risotto

Mediterranean seafood / Prawn, mussels, calamari, chilli, cream and tomato sauce / £16.95

Arrabiata (V) / Onion, chilli, tomato sauce and parmesan / £14.50

Cridos’s / Bacon, chicken, peas, cream and parmesan cheese / £14.95

The Godfather / Chicken, bacon, smoked sausages, chilli, cream, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese / £15.50


Crido’s Chicken Caesar / Crispy romaine lettuce, steamed chicken breast, croutons, anchovies, parmesan and Caesar dressing / £14.95

Halloumi (V) / Chargrilled organic halloumi cheese, salad leaves, roasted red pepper, cherry tomatoes, croutons and yoghurt dressing / £15.50

The Greek / Mix salad leaves, cherry tomato, cucumber sliced, olives, boiled egg, croutons, red pepper and feta cheese / £14.95


Crido’s Cheesecake / Scrumptious vanilla cheesecake served with homemade fruit compote / £7.50

Sticky Toffee Pudding / A British classic sponge cake, slathered in toffee sauce& vanilla ice cream / £7.50

Chocolate Gateau / Warm chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream / £7.50

The Brulle / Rich and creamy baked custard with a brittle top of melted brown sugar / £7.50

Cheeseboard / Selection of cheese, crackers, chutney and fruit / £11.95

Selection of Ice Cream or Sorbet / £7.50

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